Episode 35: My Father, The TV Stand

11/18 Show Notes:

  • Darren has some ideas for the next Nacho Radio shirt
  • Dave’s cat stole his script for the M&M Service Text Line sponsorship
  • It’s cold but at least none of us got taint impaled on a snow shovel
  • Adrian Peterson has been suspended for at least the rest of this season
  • Another woman has come forward accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault. Dave wonders what the point is of a statute of limitations on rape. We listen to an old Cosby comedy album from 1969 where he talks about slipping Spanish Fly in women’s drinks.
  • Charles Manson is getting married. Darren wonders about the bride’s family’s Christmas Letter this year
  • It’s going to freeze in every state today
  • That antibacterial soap might be damaging your liver
  • Animal Farm: A rabbit is killed at a high school in Idaho, a tiger is loose near Disneyland in France, a horny elephant kills his trainer and takes of with two female captives and fur seals are raping penguins
  • Daily Dumbass: A guy wants to hang out with his pals so he tells his girlfriend he’d been kidnapped
  • A teenager in Arkansas had the worst driver’s license test of all time
  • A guy killed his dad and used his body as a TV stand
  • Gordon Ramsey got punked by another chef

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