Episode 36: International Mens Day

11/19 Show Notes:

  • Will Smith’s children are in charge of both time and space
  • Dave takes bread monogamy very seriously, Darren plays the field.
  • Dave cracked the bread twist tie color code.
  • Dave has a gig tonight filling in as the PA guy at tonight’s Mallards game. Darren thinks this is a great opportunity to
  • Janice Dickenson claims she was also sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby
  • Buffalo is getting pounded with snow
  • They’ve cured Bubble Boy Disease!
  • Walking off the field before the game is over is a good way to get cut
  • It’s International Mens Day
  • Daily Dumbass: A guy shows up drunk to a job interview and then stabs the guy who was interviewing him
  • Pat & Vanna used to get bombed before they taped Wheel Of Fortune. Sajak was in a mood last week. Vanna enjoys when people make guesses about masturbation
  • A New Jersey cop is in trouble because his dashboard cam caught him showing his penis to young males he pulled over
  • Drunk Driving Blotter: A soap opera star got in a drunken wreck in Ohio, a man tries to eat his DWI results and someone drunk drove a bulldozer home through a park
  • Charles and Star Manson are registered at Bed Bath and Beyond

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