Episode 40: Oh, Pancho! Oh, Cisco!

11/24 Show Notes:

  • We got ready for today’s show by watching the last five minutes of an episode of “The Cisco Kid”
  • This Cosby story just gets stranger and stranger
  • Rumor has it that Giada de Laurentiis doesn’t eat her own food during tapings of her show. She uses spit buckets. Darren’s Mom thinks she’s too toothy and too busty.
  • This is Darren’s favorite commercial right now
  • Dave begins filming his new Beer TV show after today’s podcast. Darren is worried the show could get people off beer.
  • Cher isn’t coming to town because her kidney infection has moved to her ear. No word on how Hot Carl is taking the news
  • The American Music Awards were on last night. Darren thinks that it must be on a few times a year
  • Adolf Hitler sold a painting over the weekend for $162,000
  • Scientists have put a worm’s brain into a robot made of Legos
  • Mockingjay Part 1 is the top movie in the country
  • Dave is surprised that there’s so much snow. He doesn’t pay attention to the weather anymore. Greg Dutra has a sweet 70s mustache
  • Dave’s family did a family portrait at a place that smelled like puke. Darren says Dave should be grateful he wasn’t cut out of the picture (like Darren was)
  • Blood Sport will take your blood when you get hit in a video game
  • Jack Johnson has played in the NHL for 9 years. He’s made $18 million and lost it all because he trusted his parents
  • A felon wants to creep out your family this Thanksgiving
  • Daily Dumbass wore a hat with his name on it to a burglary for the surveillance cameras

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