Episode 41: Candy Land And Boiled Turkeys

11/25 Show Notes:

  • Korn and Slipknot are in town tonight and we’re doing a pre-concert party tonight on Solid from 5-7pm
  • Darren is very concerned that the ice this winter may be the end of him
  • The Ferguson Grand Jury decision was announced last night and Don Lemmon of CNN says, “Obviously, there’s a smell of marijuana in the air”.
  • Budweiser is ditching the Clydesdales this Christmas to appeal to Millennials
  • Katy Perry and her cupcake boobs will be doing the Super Bowl halftime show and we might do a Nacho Radio Halftime show as well
  • Now that Ebola has lost its cache Bubonic Plague is making a comeback
  • According to GQ, Bono and Robin Thicke have lost their influence over us
  • We’re exciting to give you our Inaugural Thanksgiving Spooktacular. Dave can’t decide if he should brine his bird this year
  • Daily Dumbass: An Iowa City woman locks herself out of the house and has the cops let her into her grow house
  • Thanksgiving can mean you have to eat foods you hate
  • There’s a chance the turkey you enjoy on Thursday was boiled alive
  • 911 Is A Joke: A Georgia man hits on the dispatcher and a Chicago man tries to get out of a ticket by making a fake 911 call making gun noises with his mouth

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