Episode 42: Mars Needs Melissa McCarthy

11/26 Show Notes:

  • Dave is at Steve’s Old Time Tap. Darren has to go to Mannheim Steamroller. He’s nervous he’ll blow it at the end of the night and not get credit for putting up with it a twenty minute version of Deck The Halls
  • Arya the cat move the mic away from Dave’s mouth
  • People in more than 170 people protested the Ferguson grand jury decision by blocking traffic on bridges and tunnels
  • The most common name in America is James Smith
  • Melissa McCarthy will launch a new clothing line next fall. Darren wonders is it will be available at Gander Mountain
  • The Star Wars Trailer is in 30 theaters on Friday morning
  • Dave saved the phone number of the hotel room C-3P0 was staying in when he was on the old show
  • Enough with the throwback jerseys! Hockey jerseys with Batman vs Riddler are acceptable though
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in trouble for trying to pass off colored water as tequila
  • Marshawn Lynch gets fined $100,000 for only saying “yeah” at a post game interview
  • Phuc Kieu is in trouble with the law
  • The internet has killed impulse shopping
  • Aliens are going to destroy the Earth in a nuclear attack because we’re making too much noise
  • A woman who runs a rehab facility is arrested smoking crack with a child in her car
  • Winnie The Pooh is BANNED from a Polish town for being a pantsless asexual
  • Thinning The Herd: A woman is killed by the gun she bought to be safe in St Louis and a Florida maniac wants to shoot a dog but ends up shooting himself in the head


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