Episode 44: Drug Sniffing Fruit Flies

Show Notes 11/28:

  • The guys go over their Thanksgivings
  • Dave wants to know the Holiday Schedule. We aren’t doing a show on 12/25. This leads to speculation that Darren is in charge of everything here at Nacho Radio
  • Dave doesn’t understand turkey necks
  • A Burger King in San Jose found a bag full of money
  • It’s Black Friday and people are heading out to get deals
  • Scientists have come up with a pill that reduces the harmful effects of binge drinking on the brains
  • CM Punk is telling a wrestling podcast about how he got fried from the WWE
  • An OSU football player is missing
  • Cats are becoming more like dogs
  • A couple of English morning show hosts are refusing to play Christmas music until December 23rd. They might lose their jobs
  • We finally get conformation on the Dave being on the ladder rule that Darren made up. It’s nonsense
  • A guy is suing T.G.I.Fridays for not putting drink prices on their menu
  • We miss Winnebago Man
  • A high school prostitution ring ring in (where else?) Florida is busted

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