Episode 45: Phat Elvis

12/1 Show Notes:

  • It’s Cyber Monday. If you use Amazon.com please click our link before you checkout. Gracias
  • Dave is claiming he’s over football
  • Christmas song are driving Darren “a wee bit nuts”. A lot of the songs are about being depressed
  • Elvis has a song called “My Boy” which is all about E waking up his kid to let him know he doesn’t love his mother anymore
  • Logan says Dave’s Elvis sounds too much like former President George W. Bush.
  • Dave was once in a group called “Passable Elvis”
  • Brad requests Phat Elvis perform “Blue Chesse Christmas”
  • Mickey Rourke beat up a homeless guy in an obviously fixed fight in Moscow
  • Girl Scouts are now selling their cookies online
  • JJ Watt has 5 touchdowns. He’s the first with 3 offensive touchdowns and 2 defensive touchdowns since Joe Golding
  • They’re making Frozen 2:Still Frozen
  • A guy spent a fortune to make a KITT
  • Animal Farm: Mr. Rooster is too loud, a monkey is on the loose in Florida, a squirrel is terrorizing English schoolchildren and a pig gets kicked off a plane

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