Episode 46: Sausage Theft & Cow Tongues

12/2 Show Notes:

  • More info for you on our new favorite Christmas song: Elvis with “My Boy”
  • The guys discuss how much Christmas music Solid and Planet ALT will play this season. The answer is enough.
  • Dave got together with a bunch of gals and hammered out the design of the Gongable shirt. Darren wants to do a Charles Manson America’s Sweetheart shirt but Dave says not
  • Dave wants to leave the tree up all year and just put different ornaments on depending on whatever holiday is up next
  • Bill Cosby is off the Temple Board of Trustees
  • U2 did a surprise show without Bono last night for World AIDS Day
  • That GOP aide that took shots at the Presidents daughters was arrested as a teenager for theft
  • Steve Jobs has recieved 141 patents since he died in 2011
  • Toys are hurting kids at an increasing rate
  • The daughter of the San Francisco 49ers GM blasts the OC on Twitter
  • Disney says the Easter Egg in that Force Awakens trailer is the sound of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber
  • Chickadee is selling magic lotion that fights off ebola
  • Sausage Crime Wave: A guy falls asleep stealing sausage and a woman walks out of her former employer with a pallet of it
  • Daily Dumbass: Woman drops her cocaine on the police station floor
  • Pizza Hut is going to let you order pizzas subliminally
  • Stephen Hawking wants to be a Bond villain
  • What’s going on at the Walmart?:You can buy a gun at Walmart and then use that gun to rob the Walmart, they crushed their Cyber Monday record, men steal teeth whitening strips to sell at flea markets and a man is arrested after shoving 6.5 pounds of cow tongue down his pants.

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