Episode 49: The Yumbo Conspiracy

12/5 Show Notes:

  • NASA sent Orion into space
  • Both Peter Pan and the Bears game were hard to watch last night
  • Weight Watchers may have given Snack Club a theme song
  • Darren is concerned that “snacktions” may be tearing Snack Club apart
  • Thinning The Herd: a man is dead after betting he could get more golf balls out of crocodile infested Lake Panic
  • Darren wan’t to throw an official “Not So Fast” on this whole Yumbo backstory
  • It’s the best year for jobs since 1999
  • Colbert is having President Obama on one of his last shows
  • 84% of vegetarians and vegans go back to eating meat
  • Sofia Vergara is now and American citizen
  • That old saying about half of marriages end in divorce isn’t accurate anymore
  • Dave only had to pay for half his meal last night because the server dropped his leftovers on the floor
  • A woman claims a Chick-Fil-A milkshake gave her a heart attack
  • Get read for Doritos encrusted pizza
  • Sea Captains may or joy not have a dating site. We may be getting yumboed on this one
  • A dutch metal bassist shattered a testicle on stage
  • A bunch of male escorts got in a hot tub fight over who makes more money
  • A pirate time traveled from his job on the Santa Maria in 1776 to stab a guy at a Pennsylvania supermarket. He regrets nothing

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