Episode 50: Snake Stunts, Booby Traps and Waffelos

12/8 Show Notes:

  • You can get off I-74 at River Drive in Moline again
  • Dave complains about a skunky 6 pack he bought on Friday
  • Captain McBride is working feverishly to make the Snack Club gathering a success
  • The College Championship brackets are causing grief for Baylor and TCU
  • Jesse Palmer has a interesting take on things
  • Someone brought the URBAN MEYER POOPS AT PARTIES sign to the Big 10 Championship
  • The guy who wan’t to get eaten alive by an anaconda on TV didn’t
  • CM Punk is joining the UFC roster
  • Someone in Chicago has declared war on Furries with chemical weapons
  • A Nebraska football player took a selfie with a raccoon who then attacked him
  • Time Magazine has narrowed down their list for Person of the Year
  • A drone almost caused a plane crash in London
  • A British woman won’t be quiet during sex and might go to jail of it
  • Three’s Company talk: Dave wants to take Terry the Nurse to the Regal Beagle. Darren calls the wife on The Ropers. Dave wonders why Darren doesn’t look into Lana Shields
  • Listeners keep sending us awesome t-shirt ideas but we need to focus on the shirts that are available now
  • A homeless man steals an ambulance to go to a strip club named The Booby Trap
  • General Mills is bringing back French Toast Crunch
  • We review the long history of Count Chocula
  • Slayer saves kittens
  • An artist wants to use his dad’s skull for a disquietingly heroic sculpture
  • Unusual Baby Names for 2014: Yolo, Pixie, Zeek, Darko, Guru and Zeppelin


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