Episode 51: Mistletoe Drones

12/9 Show Notes:

  • Dave is excited that the White Sox got Jeff Samardzija and closer David Robertson
  • Arya the Producer Cat eats the poinsettia we have here in the Hickey Brothers Cigar Lounge and Hookah Lounge Studios
  • NASA woke up a probe we sent to Pluto
  • Kevin Klein (the one who isn’t married to Phobe Cates) had part of his ear ripped of and then shoots a game winning OT goal last night
  • Pugsley Adams is dead
  • Dave says you’re either a Munsters Person or an Addams Family Person. Darren says you can be both
  • The color of your coffee cup affects the taste of it
  • Amazon wants to deliver things in NYC with bike messengers
  • Leonardo DiCaprio left a club in Miami with 20 girls
  • Dave’s still working on episode 1 of That Beer Show. Or is he?
  • Reddit thread on terrible proposals and their necessary rejections
  • Darren sits on a testicle wrong
  • Fast Food Nation: McDonalds wants to make fancy hamburgers you design with an iPad, Applebees is being sued because a guy choked to death on their food, Sonic has a footlong bacon cheese dog, an all cereal restaurant opens in London and TGI Friday’s has a mistletoe drone that chopped part of a photographers face  off
  • Daily Dumbass: A guy breaks into his neighbors apartment and steals all their furniture leaving behind pizza boxes and a ticket with his name on it
  • Jenni got a ticket from that camera in Cedar Rapids that gets everyone

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