Episode 52: I Am An American Monster

12/10 Show Notes:

  • The show starts with a call back to DJ Bobo’s “Chihuahua” and a frozen pizza being taken from the oven of the Hickey Brothers Cigar Store & Hookah Lounge Studios
  • A bionic bra has been invented
  • Jeff Rusk may or may not be selling Nacho Radio in Las Vegas next week
  • The guys hung out in Darren’s basement. Darren unveiled his plans to play an instrumental version of “Nobody Does It Better” on his 50th birthday (on 12/29)
  • Dave says Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” is his theme song
  • Judy Baar Topinka passed away yesterday
  • No government shutdown this year
  • Cam Newton was involved in a car crash yesterday
  • The Price Is Right will have a male model next week
  • George Lucas hasn’t seen the trailer for Episode 7 yet
  • Sony got hacked and we now know that when Jessica Alba checks into a hotel she uses the alias “Cash Money”
  • New BBQ Trend: cooking eggs over a tire fire
  • A school counselor threatens to kill protesters at the Eagles game, gets caught and then tries to blame her kids
  • Twin sisters in Florida got into a fight over a vibrator
  • Darren may or may not be a communist

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