Episode 55: Turtle Soup And Panda Bears

12/15 Show Notes:

  • “Welcome back, what the hell are you talking about?”
  • Snack Club meets tonight at Hall Of Fame Pizza & Wings
  • Brad & Casey’s JP Turtle Soup Podcast is up and running. Listen to it here.
  • A turtle that breathes though its butt is now endangered
  • The Darwin Awards go to a lot more men than women
  • The USDA says you’re not supposed to eat cookie dough
  • Darren thought Weather Porn was actual pornography
  • Darren thinks this is going to be a mild winter and that winter is almost half over
  • The people who hacked into Sony want to leak the screenplay to the new James Bond movie
  • The Chinese government pays people to do all kinds of weird things
  • Dave hates panda bears
  • Scott Stapp thinks he’s an agent for the CIA that is supposed to kill the President
  • A guy has set up this classy Christmas display to show his displeasure with the current POTUS Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 12.59.52 PM
  • Darren spoke with Amazing Larry over the weekend.

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