Episode 57 Elf On A Shelf, A Baseball Bat And Two Snow Shovels

12/17 Show Notes:

  • Dave says Counting Crows sucked last night at The Adler
  • A Florida woman bit off her boyfriend’s chin during an argument
  • A first time flyer opened the emergency exit to get some fresh air
  • A theater chain isn’t going to show The Interview
  • Marc Trestman is probably getting fired after the season
  • Soon you’ll be able to by monthly passes to see movies
  • NASA is getting some weird methane readings on Mars
  • The Navy is pretty proud of their new shark drones
  • A new vending machine will deny you snacks it thinks you shouldn’t eat
  • Elf on the Shelf may be conditioning kids to get used to government surveillance
  • Some people are working on making the legal drinking age 25
  • DUI Blotter: A guy gets pulled over on four flats tires and with the airbag deployed, a guy tells the cops he’s going to kill them during the field sobriety test and a police chief gets busted for DUI in his cruiser…again.
  • A proposal goes wrong and a crane knocks a hole in the roof leaving six people homeless

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