Episode 59: Poisonous Zamboni

12/19 Show Notes:

  • We’re giving away Nickelback tickets on Solid. It’s a secret contest that you have to listen to Solid to even know about it. Get to it!
  • Scott Steele is a guy we both worked with years ago at the old building. Great guy who passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer
  • Darren complains that we couldn’t bowl because he pulled a butt muscle
  • 81 people got gassed by a poisonous Zamboni at the Dells
  • Our new nicknames: Asian Sensation and The Caribbean Jerk
  • Stock Market has had a good run lately
  • The Kepler Telescope has found a new exoplanet that’s 2.5 times bigger than Earth
  • Kansas and Oklahoma aren’t happy with Colorado for legalizing pot
  • Dr. Oz is wrong more often than he’s right about medical stuff
  • We’re all living longer these days
  • It wasn’t enough to pull The Interview from theaters now we’re not supposed to watch Team America: World Police. Mitt Romney says Sony should just put The Interview online for free so even more people can watch it
  • A 18-year-old named Bud Weiser is in trouble in St. Louis
  • Jackie Rogers Jr. is the greatest Martin Short character
  • Dave has been watching Fridays on Hulu lately
  • The guys discuss disappointing cheese balls
  • Daily Dumbass smokes a joint at the POLICE STATION!
  • The World Pie Eating Championships are voided because the pies weren’t regulation size
  • It’s not your imagination, the NFL refs are calling a LOT more penalties
  • Lesbians make more money than the rest of us
  • Uncle Apple walks around China in his dead wife’s bra and leggings as a tribute to her
  • Birthday Barn
  • Missed Connections: More strange attractions at Pub 1848

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