Episode 60: Festivus Eve

12/22 Show Notes:

  • Dave’s friend Leslie told him she’d listen to the podcast more if we talked more about her.
  • Dave reminisces about Darren’s 40th birthday. Darren doesn’t want to go there
  • Dave’s vision isn’t the best but he’s able to spot Darren a mile a way thanks to Darren’s dashboard newspaper collection
  • At least the Bears game was semi-watchable. Alshon Jeffery has checked out for the season
  • Gas prices continue to plummet
  • UPS is going to deliver 34 million packages today
  • The Gongable and Snack Club shirts are showing up just in time for Christmas
  • Yesterday was the shortest day of the year but not the shortest day ever. That was in 1912
  • Sony is going to show The Interview on Crackle
  • We’re entering the drunkest weeks of the year
  • A woman gets back luggage she lost 20 years ago
  • Elvis is not STRUNG OUT!
  • Casey, Iowa was about to get audited when it somehow had it’s city hall burn to the ground. Weird right?
  • A New Jersey conveince store can’t sell lottery tickets anymore after they tried an steal a mentally handicapped winner’s ticket
  • Dave thinks social media has killed the Christmas letter
  • You can win Nickelback tickets by listening to Solid

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