Episode 61: World’s Wettest Dog

12/23 Show Notes:

  • Joe Cocker is dead
  • We can’t figure out where the AT&T girl works
  • Darren went to Fareway for beer and bread and they asked him if he needed help getting it to the car
  • Google is making it easier to find song lyrics
  • iPads and smartphones are ruining your sleep
  • 28 13 and 14 year-old girls went on a class trip to Sarajevo and 7 came home pregnant
  • Darren’s good advice on a child predator who teaches dance
  • Red Robin will start selling a burger designed to cure hangovers
  • People are monsters this time of year
  • A little bit of drinking is good for creativity in the workplace
  • Darren unviels his new TV show concept: World’s Wettest Dog
  • A guy wakes up from a coma furious to discover he isn’t Matthew McConaughey
  • A New Jersey principal is demoted for a misspelled sign

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