Episode 63: Zombie Nativity

12/26 Show Notes:

  • It’s Boxing Day. Give something nice to your servants
  • Darren’s got plans for a Bell Lap Weekend before he turns 50 on Monday
  • Wal-Mart is testing a program where they will take gift cards from 200 other places
  • A guy in Ohio is being forced to take down his zombie nativity scene
  • Someone in Massachusetts stole Baby Jesus from a church nativity scene and replaced it with a pig’s head
  • These beautiful people are in trouble for stealing Christmas decorations¬†Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 10.48.32 AM
  • Dave thinks “Happy Holidays” is the way to go. Some people get furious if you say “Merry Christmas” and some get pissed if you don’t say “Merry Christmas”
  • A man is kicked off a plane for freaking out at being wished “Merry Christmas”
  • Dave can’t separate the singer from the song on certain Christmas songs
  • No one has written a classic Christmas song in over 20 years
  • Hackers shut down Xbox and Playstation networks for Christmas
  • There’s a new treatment to get you to quit smoking that’s all natural, more effective and cheaper
  • Today is the 2nd biggest day for fatal heart attacks. Yesterday was #1 on the list
  • The Interview is the top movie online
  • More kids tweeted “hate my parents” than “love my parents” on Christmas
  • A confuse Russian kid showed up to his school’s Nativity Pageant dressed as Josef Stalin instead of Joseph
  • A Hitler lookalike is making a living in Kosovo
  • A Nebraska surgeon may lose his license¬†

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