Episode 68: Double Header

1/5 Show Notes:

  • They’re down to just four dogs at Darren’s place
  • Czechs discover a new tomb in Egypt! Is there anything (short of stopping Hitler) we can’t do?
  • Republicans are running against Speaker John Boehner
  • NFL action over the weekend was pretty boring except for watching the Lions get screwed
  • They’re going to show a new trailer for The Avengers: Age of Ultron during the College Football Championship Game
  • Construction starts this week on a bullet train from L.A. to San Francisco
  • Dave’s looking forward to bullet trains
  • Darren doesn’t understand being told by a robot “someone will be by to answer your call” every ten seconds
  • Elf on a Shelf? Narc at the Park!
  • A new plant grows both tomatoes and potatoes
  • A guy with 2 penises wrote an autobiography
  • A guy wrecked his car on New Year’s and got the car towed. They left him in the car!
  • A robot can learn to cook by watching YouTube videos
  • Elvis’ planes are for sale
  • A Florida couple was trapped in an unlocked closet for a weekend.
  • A Florida man was arrested on criminal mischief charges for smashing the car of his “spiritual” girlfriend after she prophesied that his dead grandmother would return to him in his dreams — and violate him with a dildo.
  • Wisconsin hunter sent to the hospital when he’s attacked by the deer he shot with a crossbow.

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