Episode 69: Taking An Uppercut From Renaldo Snipes

 1/6 Show Notes:

  • Late start today. We should have phoned it into the TV stations
  • We’re doing a live podcast at Hickey Brothers next Wednesday from 6-7pm
  • Toboggan sounds like a Yacht Rock band
  • Oil prices continue to drop
  • Dave would rather the local TV stations stop encouraging people to not go outside in inclement weather
  • Space-X delays the launch of Falcon 9
  • Twitter froze last night
  • Aaron Paul will not be a new Han Solo
  • Mork & Mindy had a bizarre series finale
  • A drunk guy woke up to a $900 Uber bill
  • Someone asked Dave if he’s ever “had turtle meat” at a ComedySportz match this weekend
  • DUI Blotter: Someone foils a DUI checkpoint with a ziplock bag, a guy drunk drives a street sweeper, an Iowa City OWI driver takes a selfie at the station and a Scot drunk drives a Hippity-Hop
  • Old men are wearing full sized rubber lady suits
  • Burglars can’t stop getting caught in hot tubs

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