Episode 70: Who Put Their Fingers In My Tang?

1/7 Show Notes:

  • BC Stumbles out of the gate. It’s not his fault but we throw him under the bus
  • Terror attack in Paris this morning.
  • How good was Johnny Dangerously?

  • Snack Club is happening at our Hickey Brothers Podcast next Wednesday
  • Game of Thrones is coming to IMAX
  • NASA found the 1000th planet capable of sustaining life
  • Former ace pitchers Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and John SCH-moltz were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday, along with star hitter Craig Biggio.
  • It’s crazy cold outside.
  • Phylicia Rashad is defending Cosby.
  • Dave goes over the list of TV shows that were made in England first
  • CBS News Steve Kroft has to deal with an affair being made public by The National Enquirer
  • A 14-year-old Des Moines girl stole a cop car over the weekend
  • A woman passed a a $974 million divorce settlement because she thinks she should get more
  • We wished we watched more of Craig Ferguson if only for the robot skeleton sidekick
  • 911 is a Joke: A guy calls 911 and asks to be taken to jail while another winner calls 911 to report the Playstation Network went down
  • We’re big fans of Occam’s razor
  • The Snack Club T-shirts may be lucky

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