Episode 73: The Taste Of A Thousand Yesterdays

1/12 Show Notes:

  • There’s 10 minutes of today’s show that you’ll never hear. Dave hit the wrong button
  • Has the podcast about our podcast been cancelled after 1 show?
  • A computer is now an unbeatable poker player
  • They found the black box of that AirAsia flight that went down last month
  • It’s the Packers vs Seahawks and Colts vs Patriots in the Championship Games this weekend
  • Today is International Kiss A Ginger Day
  • That Quad Cities song that TV6 played forever was part of a package and that song was the song for more than 100 different towns. We’re not special
  • A Wisconsin man has had a Christmas tree up since 1974
  • A bunch of people got dosed from Christmas cakes
  • No Tipping restaurants might become a bigger thing
  • Luxury ice cubes are hand crafted and super expensive
  • A woman gets hammered and  got a penis tattooed on her shoulder

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