Episode 76: Hickey Brothers Live Remote

1/14 Show Notes:

We did TWO podcasts on 1/14. These notes are from our live podcast at Hickey Brothers

  • We’re at Hickey Brothers! Sweet Eileen wants to say hello to her cats
  • We get the “gory” details of Sweet Eileen’s hypnosis to stop her smoking
  • Casey is here with details on the JP Turtle Soup podcast
  • Dave got his hair cut at a place different place than the one he’s been going for 20 years and is conflicted about it
  • A Korean restaurant in China gives 50 people free food if they’re attractive
  • Mike King tells us all about Hickey Brothers and all things cigar
  • Sweet Eileen wants nothing to do with Amazing Larry. She does however want to be a baby
  • Sweet Eileen fills us in on perverted arsonists
  • Ben from Drew Estate Cigars stops by

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