Episode 77: She Didn’t Even Marry A Monkey

1/15 Show Notes:

  • We recap yesterday’s epic Hickey Brothers remote podcast
  • They caught some maniac who thought about bombing the Capital
  • The 3 Avatar movies are being delayed
  • Oscar nominations are out today
  • A kid in Oklahoma wrote to all 32 NFL teams asking why he should be a fan of them. Only Carolina answered
  • Dave envies people who picked an NFL team rather than setting a geographic allegiance
  • College kids are bringing back a messy ancient Greek drinking game
  • Dave shares the story of The Irregulars 20/20 Club
  • A woman lived in a Wal-Mart for two days before getting evicted
  • Cat Lady Stories: someone stole $3,000 worth of cat grooming supplies and a woman married two of her cats
  • Girls used a Kool-Aid stand to send a predator to jail
  • An auto dealership in Massachusetts dick over a pizza delivery guy
  • A woman files a missing persons report for her son who left 20 years ago to follow The Grateful Dead
  • Iowa man had a $30,000 guitar under his bed for 70 years

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