Episode 78: Bulletproof-ish Vest

1/16 Show Notes:

  • Darren says the last few days have felt like Friday
  • Welcome to our new text line sponsor (470) 23-NACHO it’s Harrington’s Pub in Bettendorf
  • We’re still dealing with the Hickey Brother’s podcast aftermath
  • Today is Nothing Day
  • John Fox will be the new Bears Head Coach
  • We can all go to Cuba now
  • Darren wants to buy a spider costume for his dog Jax to wear
  • A new device tricks your brain into thinking you’re full
  • Sharknado 3 is happening
  • One of the punks behind the XBOX and PS4 hack got arrested
  • An Alabama teen thought she was dead for three years
  • A kid who was in a coma and wrote a book about the time he spent in Heaven now admits he made it all up to get attention
  • A guy in England THOUGHT he bought a bulletproof vest and had a buddy shoot a shotgun at him. He’s quite dead
  • School Days Fool Days: A sub shows the class ABC’s of Death and losses her job and a middle school English teacher has her kids write about murdering her
  • A Michigan gal is on love with her Dad and they want to get married
  • Daily Dumbass Award: Florida couple has sex in a 2004 Kia Sedona at a dealership
  • Woman is dead in her apartment for more than a year despite the fact her daughter and grandson live in the apartment above her


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