Episode 82: Goldfish Brain Surgery

Show Notes 1/22:

  • River Bandits owner Dave Heller joins us for today’s podcast
  • Next weekend The Bandits are doing tryouts for the National Anthem and they’re giving away free flu shots
  • Dave wants input on whether to get a single deck or double decker carousel, a scrambler or bumper cars
  • OSU says if your boss is a jerk the best thing to do is be passive aggressive with them
  • Simon Pegg is going to co-write the new Star Trek movie
  • The Senate voted that Climate Change is not a hoax yesterday
  • The worst password is 123456. “Password” is the 2nd worse
  • Justin Bieber is the new Comedy Central roast.
  • A NYU student had a chick pass out in his room so he set her on fire and put it on Snapchat
  • Don’t swim behind sperm whales
  • A 109-year old woman says the secret to her longevity is to stay away from men
  • A hipster wants you to crowdsource his dates
  • New York’s Cannibal Cop may or may not be looking for love online
  • A hermaphroditic cat is going to get both spayed AND neutered 
  • We run down the stars of the upcoming season of TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction”
  • College tourists ran up the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia only to find Sylvester Stallone at the top

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