Episode 83: I’m Not Doing This Ham Dance With You

Show Notes 1/26:

  • Ernie Banks died over the weekend. Darren met him at the golf tourney a few years ago.
  • Darren is freaked out about another impending winter fall. Dave thinks Darren might somehow enjoy it
  • Dave called Larry on Saturday night during a visit to Cedar Falls in a hotel that may or may not be haunted
  • Someone bought some of Abraham Lincoln’s hair over the weekend
  • Scientists want to release millions of genetically modified mosquitos in Florida
  • SkyMall is bankrupt because we’re too busy looking at our phones on planes
  • The East Coast is about to get pounded with snow
  • A woman ate two 72 oz steaks this weekend. Her plan is to train and eat three of them
  • Brad Deery had to take a mannequin off of a billboard promoting his Burlington dealership
  • Cock is the most word used in erotic fiction
  • Cowgirl is the most dangerous sexual position
  • A guy’s penis got devastated by his insurance company
  • A woman ordered a crispy chicken sandwich from a Burger King but instead got $2631
  • A bunch of Irish Christians stole a statue of a Celtic Sea God
  • A guy buys a lottery ticket to break a $100 to buy a sandwich and ends up winning $10 million
  • Dave watched Enter The Dragon over the weekend. Big fan
  • Chinese Stories: a one-year-old baby gets on a bus, eel smuggling is a thing as are fake banks
  • We may be getting that Popeye’s Chicken we’ve been hearing about forever

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