Episode 84: Menopause Muscle Car

1/27 Show Notes:

  • Dave wants to brag about making Chicken Noodle out of a can last night
  • Astronomers found a Super Saturn with rings that are 200 times bigger than our Solar System’s stupid boring Saturn
  • Dave had an Saturn SC2 in the 90s and discovered too late that it was an old lady car
  • A Patriots locker room attendant took a bunch of footballs into the bathroom
  • KFC is testing out a Double Down hot dog
  • Faith No More is putting out a record and touring this summer
  • Lance Armstrong says he’s do it all over again
  • A nightmare in Massachusetts wants the courts to recognize the two cats he killed along with his mom
  • Sam Smith is going to pay Tom Petty for ripping off “I Won’t Back Down”
  • Wait a second? Are we still doing Top 5 Things? Darren is confused
  • Love Bytes: A guy divorced his wife because she was possessed by a genie
  • You can’t throw food out in Seattle
  • That Florida woman who faked a story about having a 3rd boob got popped for DUI and no one wanted to bail her out
  • The Rent Is Too Damn High Guy is getting evicted because…

One Reply to “Episode 84: Menopause Muscle Car”

  1. Kyle in dewitt

    I was rather alarmed and perplexed on how quickly Darren threw out the pen is extension slipped on!!!!! Does he have knowledge of such accessories? ??

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