Episode 85: Do The Chipmunk Voice!

1/28 Show Notes:

  • The Quad Cities has Madison Keys fever
  • Happy Days kinda gave up on being in the 50s. A lot of the period sitcoms do the same thing and give up trying to look like the era they are set in
  • The Go Daddy lost puppy commercial that has been pulled and Dave is yelling YUMBO
  • A German guy used a speed camera to propose to his girlfriend
  • Locally, con men are calling people up saying they’re the cops and they’re looking for money for a speed camera ticket
  • If Darren is ever forced to read anti-American propaganda as the result of a kidnapping, he plans on tricking his captors into giving him a Yumbo on camera so we know he doesn’t mean it
  • Buzzkill doctors warn us not to snack so much during the Super Bowl
  • Colorado residents may be getting a Weed Refund
  • Marshawn Lynch’s act is being lauded as a subversive anti-establishment blow for the little guy
  • Ghostbusters has unveiled their cast for the movie coming out in 2016
  • Dave’s son Owen is home sick today. He wants us to talk in the chipmunk voice because “the guys that you’re talking to would laugh”.
  • Apple made a sick amount of money in the last fiscal quarter. They sold 75 million iPhones in the last three months
  • The new Tesla model has something called an “Insane Mode” button
  • A zombie cat came back from the grave in Florida
  • Science says money can not buy happiness BUT it can make you not sad
  • Polar bears penis bones are shrinking because of global warming
  • Authorities are asking the public to stop calling 911 when Facebook goes down or when the cable goes out
  • Dave may have met a woman last night who feeds her dog Spaghetti-O’s right out of her mouth

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