Episode 86: Steamed Clams

1/29 Show Notes:

  • Gwyneth Paltrow thinks women should get their lady parts steam cleaned
  • Darren isn’t too particular on the kind of toilet paper he uses but he prefers it if the only claim they make on the packaging is that it’s sewer safe
  • Darren doesn’t understand how Dave can go to improv practice.
  • Psychopaths doen’t understand the idea of punishment, embarrassment or guilt
  • Iowa is about to add a 10 cent per gallon gas tax
  • Lindsey Lohan may be trying to pull some stuff with her “community service” obligations
  • The phrase “this sick beat” is soon the be owned by Taylor Swift
  • Nacho Radio will soon be published in the “Official Gazzete”
  • Lying on social media messed up you own memories
  • Darren shares his knowledge of something called Twice The Ice
  • Legalized marijuana is the¬†fastest growing industry in the USA. Dave thinks being a marijuana taste tester would be a cool job for about three hours
  • A woman blew up a toilet trying to kill a cockroach
  • A gum ball bandit is on the loose in North Carolina
  • That East Coast blizzard found one woman attacking someone with what the call a handheld snowblower. We have no idea what that is. Like a DustBuster for snow?
  • A guy took a leak on a waitress in (guess where?!?) Florida
  • Breaking into a Family Dollar to steal smokes seems like a good idea until you fall through the ceiling in front of a cop
  • Darren says shopping at the Dollar Store that used to be on Devil’s Glenn “felt like being trapped inside a bad idea”
  • The clothes you wear (or at least what you THINK you’re wearing) has an effect on your brain power
  • Chris Pratt may be the next Indiana Jones. Dave says all of the Indy movies get worse and worse and the listeners go NUTS at his suggestion that The Last Crusade was kinda garbage
  • Two Things To Worry About: Ebola is mutating as are snakes!
  • We rank the Top 5 Toto Songs

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