Episode 87: My Butler Geezer Is Geezer Butler

1/30 Show Notes:

  • Eddie Murphy is coming back to Saturday Night Live for their 40th Anniversary episode. Dave seems to be alone in his belief that Murphy is the biggest star to ever emerge from the show. No one agrees with him
  • A couple climbed UP Niagara Falls. Dave needs to see his favorite Woody Woodpecker episode again
  • Delaware is going to be the first state to put your driver’s license on your phone
  • Suge Knight ran over someone on a movie set
  • Mitt Romney may be running for President. (Update: he’s not)
  • We will allow any and all candidates looking for Iowa Caucus votes to stop by the house and join us
  • Sly Stone is coming into some money
  • Geezer Butler got arrested for a bar fight
  • A Czech guy is dead after banging a prostitute while driving.
  • We’re two Czechs doing a podcast. Although, Dave isn’t technically Czech, it’s how he identifies himself
  • New York has pizza snobs. Chicago has hot dog snobs. Texas has chili snobs. They say you NEVER put beans in chili
  • A Norwegian mass murderer is on a hunger strike because he wants to play PS3
  • A Chilean woman claims she was shoved down by a ghost. There’s video to back her story up
  • A Canadian guy got screwed over by their lottery. It’s the first Canadian Lottery story we’ve read that makes any sense. They tend to give everyone money up there
  • An Oregon State student filmed a solo porn movie inside their library
  • We learn about YikYak
  • A 12-foot snow penis got knocked down on the Texas Tech campus. Dave shares the story of the time he and a buddy wrote HIDE THE SAUSAGE at the Rock Bowl in Dubuque
  • Middle school kids in Milwaukee are having sex parties


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