Episode 88: Cue The Dancing Sharks

2/2 Show Notes:

  • Today is NOT the day to do our first outdoor podcast
  • A lot of people had a hard time watching the Super Bowl because there was too much snow on their satellite dishes
  • The commercials this year were a bummerfest
  • How does Pete Carroll still have a job?
  • Whitney Houston’s daughter is in a medically induced coma after nearly drowning in a bathtub
  • U.S. oil workers are going on strike
  • A former Power Ranger killed a roommate with a sword over the weekend
  • The Hutts will be in the new Star Wars movie
  • Bruce Jenner really does want to be a woman
  • Dave had a hard time figuring out vanilla ice cream at Owen’s birthday party
  • We reminisce over the Groundhog’s Day snowstorm of 2011
  • Johnny Manizel is in rehab
  • A woman got hurt in a car crash (NOT a car wash) and turned into a dominatrix
  • A woman delivers her own baby while driving herself to the hospital while a man causes a giant accident pulling his own tooth while driving
  • A Florida woman knew the truck she was driving was stolen but she didn’t know it was “that stolen”
  • A Wal-Mart greeter in Georgia is once again allowed to wish customers a “blessed day”
  • Thinning The Herd: a woman who spent 20 years feeding the bears was killed and eaten by bears a man gets swept out to sea spreading his sister’s ashes
  • Delta pilot locks himself out of the cockpit
  • Kids Today: Someone keeps pooping in the gym and a 9-year-old is suspended for the 4th time this year. This time for threatening to use the One Ring on a classmate

One Reply to “Episode 88: Cue The Dancing Sharks”

  1. Charlene

    I didn’t listen live, so am catching up on it now. I laughed so hard, I snorted. Luckily my co-workers are noisy, I don’t think they heard it.
    I’m rolling, this is hysterical. I miss chatting w/the groups in the chat, but still glad I can listen here!!

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