Episode 90: Teddy Love

2/4 Show Notes:

  • Welcome citizens!
  • Dave IS allowed on ladders
  • Grease had Frankie Avalon and had a theme song by Frankie Valli
  • Get ready of more live Broadway shows on TV like The Wiz and Grease
  • We’re exciting to see Sean “The Bitter Man” Kissler at Harrington’s tomorrow night
  • Staples is buying OfficeDepot
  • Anderson Silva tested positive for steroids
  • UPS might start a surcharge for home deliveries
  • Research says running too much is just as bad as not running at all
  • Supplements are for suckers
  • Lance Armstrong hit some cars and let his girlfriend take the rap for it
  • A Colorado man tried to use his plane to commit suicide. He survived the crash without a scratch
  • A Chinese kid cut his hand off because he’s on the internet too much
  • A 200 year old Tibetan monk may not be a mummy. He may be sleeping
  • Two stories out of Africa: A mortician says he has sex with corpses because it was part of his training and a scorned girl burns of a lover’s penis with acid
  • Florida stories: A guys kills five gators for a Super Bowl dinner. Four guys stuff four dead deer in a Mini-Cooper they passed out. A guy eludes capture from the cops only to give himself up by snoring like a wild boar. A woman helps herself to some Red Bull and rawhide dog treats at a Walmart.
  • A highschool basketball game ended with a final score of 2-0
  • The top gift this Valentines Day is a teddy bear sex toy.

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