Episode 92: Strip Clubs And Zoos

2/6 Show Notes:

  • Darren is wearing a scarf for today’s show
  • A family is blaming the Seahawks losing the Super Bowl for the death of a Washington man
  • Welcome to the podcast our new sponsor, The Clubhouse in Bettendorf
  • We got a phone call from a homeless guy who took his dad to the hospital via shopping cart because of a dumpster chicken heist gone wrong
  • Being a stripper is a dangerous and a physically and emotionally draining job BUT they are happy at work than most of us
  • Morgan Spurlock gives us tips on what goes on behind the scenes at the zoo
  • The Pope is coming to address Congress in September
  • Gas prices are going up again. Fun while it lasted
  • INXS guitarist Tim Farris lost a finger and may not ever play guitar again
  • The Surgeon General says medical marijuana may be good for you
  • People who use emojis are having more sex than the rest of us
  • A political argument in Michigan ended when a woman killed her friend with a crock-pot
  • A Missouri mother arranged to have her 6-year-old kidnapped to teach him a lesson about stranger danger
  • Slap-Offs are a thing
  • A woman is blaming a fecal transplant for gaining a bunch of weight
  • Dead people soon be able to vote in Indiana
  • Politicians of both parties are desperately trying to get Pitbull on board
  • A couple stole 57 blocks of cheese from a Georgia Walmart

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