Episode 93: Charlie In A Box

2/9 Show Notes:

  • The Simpsons last night was about a town getting Yumboed into thinking they had their own special song only to find out it was sold to other towns
  • Sam Smith had a big night last night. We go over the so-called Best New Artist curse
  • Neil Armstrong brought a purse back from the moon
  • Bruce Jenner was involved in a fatal car accident this weekend
  • Brian Williams is off NBC News for now
  • College kids today don’t party
  • A prison break in Brazil involved spiked whisky and women dressed in skimpy cop outfits
  • A Bill Cosby statute in St. Petersberg features a naked Cosby with his genitals replaced with a weeping Fat Albert
  • A baby was born pregnant with TWO fetuses inside her
  • If you wanted to get your sweetheart a chocolate anus for Valentines Day, you are out of luck. Sold out
  • Women who shave their faces everyday look younger
  • A Korean woman got eaten by a vacuum robot
  • Charlie Manson’s crazy fiancé only wanted him for his body
  • Cops find grow houses by looking for roofs where the snow melts off faster then the rest of the neighborhood
  • A Pennsylvania teen killed another kid and then took a selfie with his victim
  • Comcast calls their customers Super Bitches
  • A girl managed to get fired before her first day on the job thanks to Twitter
  • Florida man puts his occupation down as “Drug Dealer” on his arrest report

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