Episode 94: Jack White’s Secret Guacamole

2/10 Show Notes:

  • People are still talking about Kanye West’s Grammy stunt. Shirley Manson put him in his place
  • We revisit Frankie from WB SuperStar
  • Drew Peterson is in trouble for trying to put a hit out on his prosecutor
  • Jack White is furious at University of Oklahoma for putting his guacamole recipe online
  • Spiderman is free to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Your Samsung TV is listening to you and sending data a third party
  • Dave accidentally bought a 12-pack of Azulitas
  • Bruce Rauner is banning non-union public employees from being forced to pay union fees
  • There’s BPA in your beer cans
  • Today’s Daily Dumbass: An Ohio man lost his mind when his pet pig ate all of his dope
  • The Conversation Hearts this year feature mustache emojis
  • An Ohio gynecologist helped clients find their g-spots. That’s frowned on
  • A Indian guy went on a dating site and pretended to be a hunky blonde guy. He tricked his way into a woman’s bed only getting discovered when they showered together
  • 82-year-old stole a bottle of Sexiest Fantasies body spray from a CVS
  • They need to do an entire Machete/Brady Bunch TV show
  • A guy spent $4,000 on a sky writer to propose to a woman who said no

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