Episode 95: Tripping Triceratops

2/11 Show Notes:

  • It’s the 25th Anniversary of the Buster Douglas/Mike Tyson fight
  • Dave’s off to WQAD to do voiceovers for the Beer TV show. Darren wants him to use the Paging Mr. Herman voice
  • Rolling Stone agrees with Darren that John Belushi was the best SNL cast member
  • AC/DC is doing a show at Wrigley Field on September 15th
  • Darren once shook Billy Joel’s hand
  • John Stewart is quitting The Daily Show
  • Brian Williams is suspended for six months without pay
  • Heinz is releasing a Sriracha¬†ketchup later this month
  • Tom Brady gave his MVP truck to Malcolm Butler
  • A Girl Scout is selling her cookies next to a legal weed dispensary and is making a killing
  • Darren thinks pot munchies is a Yumbo, probably engineered by the snack food industry
  • Dinosaurs used to trip balls on LSD plants
  • A guy in charge of the water supply in San Francisco got suspended for peeing in the reservoir
  • A middle school principal had his pants start on fire at a swim meet
  • A guy snuck photoshopped pics of himself eating Mexican food and put them up in the Grammy museum
  • Daily Dumbass: apprehended thanks to a selfie he took while on the run from cops
  • Local H is doing a show at RIBCO on the 28th


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