Episode 96: Measles The Weasel

2/12 Show Notes:

  • It’s Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Darren thinks he could have benefited from a nice hot bath
  • Darren doesn’t see the problem with the Jackie Robinson team cheating as the other teams are national teams. Dave explains that they aren’t.
  • Dave thinks having Little League on TV is kinda messed up
  • We got a voicemail this morning about a show we did last week. Feel free to drop us a line on the Harrington’s Pub text line (also good for voicemails) at 470-23-NACHO
  • Def Leppard is touring this summer with Styx and Tesla The Band. Steely Dan and Elvis Costello are also doing a tour.
  • We didn’t win the Powerball last night
  • Dave says if he did win the lottery he’d give Darren a taste but nothing crazy because he knows Darren excels at frugal living
  • House of Cards accidentally got posted on Netflix yesterday
  • Disney World is jacking their admission up to $105
  • With the measles outbreak starting at a Disney property, Dave argues the should lower the price. Darren introduces the kids to Measles The Weasel
  • A bunch of penises showed up on Delta’s Facebook page
  • A Wisconsin college student made yogurt out of her own vagina bacteria
  • A Montana lawyer wants to outlaw yoga pants
  • There’s a Divorce Hotel open in New York where you check in as a married couple on Friday and leave on Sunday as two single people
  • Dear Prudence deals with an overweight woman who doesn’t understand why her pictures are realistic
  • A Florida man calmed his golf clubs were stolen so he could trick his wife into buying him a new set of clubs
  • Steve Harvey deals with a gerbil answer on Family Feud
  • A 25-year-old man tricked old women into letting him onto their homes so he could rob them by wearing diapers and sucking a lollipop
  • The world’s first penis reduction surgery just took place
  • There’s a new set of ethernet cable designed to make your mp3s sound better. They cost $10,500
  • Restaurants don’t want you to eat dessert
  • A woman gets into a head butting fight with a tax worker at a Texas Walmart
  • Dave says ENOUGH with the satellite people soliciting you when you’re out shopping. Darren says its never happened to him

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