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  • Episode 72: Tindering Hard Like You Know I Do

    1/9 Show Notes: Dave erroneously thought that snake finally got Zsa Zsa Gabor. It didn’t Dave could never live in California because he’s be thinking about earthquakes all the time

  • Episode 71: Baby Teeth And Llama Suits

    1/8 Show Notes: Dave had a thought about doing an A to Z weekend on Solid or Planet ALT but realized their playlists are too enormous to make it work […]

  • Episode 70: Who Put Their Fingers In My Tang?

    1/7 Show Notes: BC Stumbles out of the gate. It’s not his fault but we throw him under the bus Terror attack in Paris this morning. How good was Johnny […]

  • Episode 69: Taking An Uppercut From Renaldo Snipes

     1/6 Show Notes: Late start today. We should have phoned it into the TV stations We’re doing a live podcast at Hickey Brothers next Wednesday from 6-7pm Toboggan sounds like […]

  • Episode 68: Double Header

    1/5 Show Notes: They’re down to just four dogs at Darren’s place Czechs discover a new tomb in Egypt! Is there anything (short of stopping Hitler) we can’t do? Republicans […]

  • Episode 65: Inappropriate Hotel Touching

    12/30 Show Notes: Frankie MacDonald is concerned about cold air heading to Nevada Dave has a good feeling about 2015 Should we do a 40 songs of the year countdown […]