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  • Episode 52: I Am An American Monster

    12/10 Show Notes: The show starts with a call back to DJ Bobo’s “Chihuahua” and a frozen pizza being taken from the oven of the Hickey Brothers Cigar Store & […]

  • Episode 51: Mistletoe Drones

    12/9 Show Notes: Dave is excited that the White Sox got Jeff Samardzija and closer David Robertson Arya the Producer Cat eats the poinsettia we have here in the Hickey Brothers Cigar Lounge and […]

  • Co-op Records Advertises with Nacho Radio

    Co-Op Records…the Quad Cities Best Music Store since 1972 advertises with Nacho Radio. Listen for their spots on both Solid and Planet ALT. Co-Op buys, sells, and trades. Join the […]

  • Episode 50: Snake Stunts, Booby Traps and Waffelos

    12/8 Show Notes: You can get off I-74 at River Drive in Moline again Dave complains about a skunky 6 pack he bought on Friday Captain McBride is working feverishly […]

  • Episode 49: The Yumbo Conspiracy

    12/5 Show Notes: NASA sent Orion into space Both Peter Pan and the Bears game were hard to watch last night Weight Watchers may have given Snack Club a theme […]

  • Episode 48: Tracing Garfield

    12/4 Show Notes: Dave LOVES the ECHL for Batman vs Penguins fights and now a Kalamazoo center doing the Super Trooper Meow bit during an intermission interview McBride is Captain […]