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  • 170: Is It The Death Star?

    Dave thinks he belongs in the top 85 percentile for Trivia wizards. Darren thinks The Death Star was Darth Vader’s father.

  • 169: Scud Apple

    We begin this podcast with some truly unbelievable stories from across the world of social media and end with a School Days Fool Days that you will not WANT to […]

  • 168: Amazon Darren Vs. The Tomato Fairy

    Where are all these magic tomatoes coming from? Would Darren be any different if he grew up in the Amazon? Who is Eugenie Bouchard and why is she so marketable? […]

  • 167: Purely For Money

    Judy Garland opens todays podcast with some terrifying narration and we prepare ourselves for the last ever Late Show with David Letterman. We tell you about a crazy simple gas […]

  • 166: Do I Need To Warm It Up?

    Welcome to the Future! A brave new world filled with pop star love dolls, bladeless turbines and grow it yourself heroin. We also discuss David Bowie, The God of Death […]

  • 165: Foot Milk

    Look we need to talk. When I asked you to be my roommate I never dreamt someday you would be putting your foot skin collection in my milk.