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  • 135: KFC Starz And The Curse Of The Lifetime Buffet Pass

    Today’s podcast is dedicated to James Best who portrayed Rosco P. Coltrane on The Dukes Of Hazzard. It’s also dedicated to the orangutan actor who portrayed Clyde in those Clint […]

  • 134: Running Out Of Hot Dog Buns Is The Least Of Our Problems

    Wrigley Field was not a pleasant place to be on Sunday. Being the World’s Oldest Person is cool until it isn’t. Sometimes too much dynamite is used on whales and […]

  • 133: Easter Stories

    Another Easter has come and gone. It turns out not everyone understands the story behind the holiday. Teachers are setting children on fire, stabbing them with needles and hitting their […]

  • 132: I’ll Miss You Most Of All Scarecrow!

    An Argentinian gentleman dies making love to a scarecrow. Hipsters are dying their beards. Full House is coming back to television with a twist that may shock you.

  • 131: Blue Light Special

    Today’s podcast has a few all time classic bits as we Escape From Wisconsin AND welcome Ol’ Uncle Darren and Lil Snot Nosed Davey for an Animal Farm. There’s also […]

  • 130: Sunshine State Staring Contest

    This podcast features what is arguably the most Florida story we’ve ever shared with you. Also, Michael Jacksons prank calls and our favorite 70s toys.