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  • 131: Blue Light Special

    Today’s podcast has a few all time classic bits as we Escape From Wisconsin AND welcome Ol’ Uncle Darren and Lil Snot Nosed Davey for an Animal Farm. There’s also […]

  • 130: Sunshine State Staring Contest

    This podcast features what is arguably the most Florida story we’ve ever shared with you. Also, Michael Jacksons prank calls and our favorite 70s toys.

  • 129: McDonald’s Curious Breakfast Grammar

    A new social media app has everyone showing off the contents of their refrigerators. We also discuss LBJ’s odd plumbing request, McDonald’s curious breakfast grammar and Betty Crocker baking marijuana […]

  • 128: I’m Good At Watching Movies

    Being “good at Google” is so 2014. The thing to be is “good at watching movies.” The only problem is you can’t be good at it unless you are given […]

  • 127: Olivia Newton John And The World’s Oldest Pretzel

    Does Olivia Newton John break the men who love her? Maybe. We’ll take our chances. Archeologists have unearthed the oldest pretzel know to man and Zayn has left One Direction. […]

  • 126: Gummy Joe’s Placenta Smoothies

    You are literally flushing a fortune down the toilet. Clapping is about to be replaced by jazz hands. Mista Cookie Jar And The Chocolate Chips are doing Lollapalooza along with […]