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  • 159: Thank You, Fetus Dan Hartman

    Your ringtone is driving your baby nuts inside you. An all time idiot Instagrams a bank heist. Women are using Tinder to scam idiots out of pizza.

  • 158: Dry Hump Day

    Hey, are you guys giving away free samples today? HA! An anchorwoman in Detroit makes Wednesday extra special for her co-anchor. A javelin thrower removes his daughter’s loose tooth. Mcdonalds […]

  • 157: Kelly’s Bike Night

    We’re back LIVE at Kelly’s Irish Pub And Eatery for tales about ribs, bike night and the number 38.

  • 156: Song Of The Summer Surprise

    Was Boy George just a fella hanging out at the pool watching folks swim? Chances are you’ve already heard The Song of the Summer. A Frenchman is in trouble for […]

  • WQAD Story

    Check out this story Jim Mertens of WQAD did about how radio is evolving.

  • 155: Fine Wine Collection And The Forbidden Folder

    Hats off to the pizza delivery guy who delivers his order despite getting stabbed. Blue Moon is not craft beer. Joe Namath says he wouldn’t play football if he had […]