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  • 119: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

    3/16 Show Notes: We made it through the Ides of March in one piece (for the most part). Darren once again couldn’t be bothered to watch “Brewed”. He wasn’t relaxing. […]

  • 118: Big Barbie Is Listening

    3/13 Show Notes We open with the one and only Luie Luie It’s Friday the 13th. Even though Dave is superstitious, he’s not that worried about today unless a black […]

  • What’s In A Name?

    Today was the last day of the Dave & Darren podcast. We can talk more about it on tomorrow’s podcast. We’re not going anywhere! The response to our Dave & […]

  • 117: Space Fish And Eva Savealot

    3/12 Show Notes: Today is the 24th anniversary of Out Of Time being released. River Bandits owner Dave Heller is our guest. The first CD he owned was Animotion. Dave […]

  • 116: Will You Goat With Me To Prom?

    3/11 Show Notes: We can’t both be Dave. Dave’s looking forward to not giving a damn about The Bears for a few years. Dave doesn’t understand reverse mortgage. Johnny Dangerously […]

  • 115: Christmas In March

    3/10 Show Notes: Welcome to Hazy March, huh? Another Ghostbusters movie? This one with an all-guy cast. A radio station in Albany has flipped to all Christmas music station. In […]