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  • Episode 36: International Mens Day

    11/19 Show Notes: Will Smith’s children are in charge of both time and space Dave takes bread monogamy very seriously, Darren plays the field. Dave cracked the bread twist tie […]

  • Episode 35: My Father, The TV Stand

    11/18 Show Notes: Darren has some ideas for the next Nacho Radio shirt Dave’s cat stole his script for the M&M Service Text Line sponsorship It’s cold but at least […]

  • All Cover Show 2014

    When the Quad Cities is covered in snow, we give you our all cover show! This year we’re doing TWO shows at the same time. One on each of our […]

  • Episode 34: Sheep Apnea

    Show Notes 11/17 It snowed on Saturday night and everyone forgot how to drive Dave can’t say enough about how much he’s loving Sonic Highways on HBO A jihadist quit […]

  • Episode 33: Fuji Fuji Live In Concert!

    11/14 Show Notes: Uncommon Stout Ice Cream is a thing! Drunk Driving Blotter: An ice cream truck driver gets a DUI, as does a woman in Lufkin (a for real […]

  • Episode 32: I Love Women (Nom Nom Nom)

    11/13 Show Notes Dave thinks there is something inherently wrong with creamy peanut butter. Darren is accidentally falling in love with high pulp orange juice. We scoped out the College […]