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  • Episode 78: Bulletproof-ish Vest

    1/16 Show Notes: Darren says the last few days have felt like Friday Welcome to our new text line sponsor (470) 23-NACHO it’s Harrington’s Pub in Bettendorf We’re still dealing […]

  • Episode 77: She Didn’t Even Marry A Monkey

    1/15 Show Notes: We recap yesterday’s epic Hickey Brothers remote podcast They caught some maniac who thought about bombing the Capital The 3 Avatar movies are being delayed Oscar nominations […]

  • Episode 76: Hickey Brothers Live Remote

    1/14 Show Notes: We did TWO podcasts on 1/14. These notes are from our live podcast at Hickey Brothers We’re at Hickey Brothers! Sweet Eileen wants to say hello to […]

  • Episode 74: What Great Speed, What Great Power

    1/13 Show Notes Is this thing on? It is? Great Dave loved the Megacast. Darren would have liked to see more of a snack club angle Oregon’s marching band KILLED […]

  • Episode 73: The Taste Of A Thousand Yesterdays

    1/12 Show Notes: There’s 10 minutes of today’s show that you’ll never hear. Dave hit the wrong button Has the podcast about our podcast been cancelled after 1 show? A computer […]

  • Episode 72: Tindering Hard Like You Know I Do

    1/9 Show Notes: Dave erroneously thought that snake finally got Zsa Zsa Gabor. It didn’t Dave could never live in California because he’s be thinking about earthquakes all the time