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  • Guitar Center Supports Nacho Radio

    Guitar Center on Elmore Avenue in Davenport supports Nacho Radio. Thanks to Brandon, the general manager, and Karl for helping spread the word. Karl helped Dave and I with the […]

  • Episode 30: I’m More Than Just A Bartender

      11/11 Show Notes: We’re still getting the occasional email asking when we’re “coming back”. A study says 50% of all jobs will be gone in 15 years. Someone has […]

  • Episode 29: No Irish Need Apply

    11/10 Show Notes: Most of the people we asked said Alice Cooper was better than Motley Crue last night. The Bears last night? What was that about? Darren can’t believe […]

  • Episode 28: The Podcast Awakens

    11/7 Show Notes: Dave’s got bronchitis. Darren almost collapsed during yesterday’s show poking at a thing on his neck. There’s a new ad for grips that seems to be filled […]

  • Episode 27: Eaten Alive & Vibrant Living!

    Show Notes: A naturalist is looking to get eaten by an anaconda for a TV show. Phil Rudd of AC/DC is in trouble for allegedly hiring a hit man to […]

  • Episode 26: There Might Be Giants

    Show Notes: Last night was a good one for the Republicans and marijuana legalization. Recreational use will soon be legal in Alaska and Oregon. You can grow your own in […]