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  • Co-op Records Advertises with Nacho Radio

    Co-Op Records…the Quad Cities Best Music Store since 1972 advertises with Nacho Radio. Listen for their spots on both Solid and Planet ALT. Co-Op buys, sells, and trades. Join the […]

  • Episode 50: Snake Stunts, Booby Traps and Waffelos

    12/8 Show Notes: You can get off I-74 at River Drive in Moline again Dave complains about a skunky 6 pack he bought on Friday Captain McBride is working feverishly […]

  • Episode 49: The Yumbo Conspiracy

    12/5 Show Notes: NASA sent Orion into space Both Peter Pan and the Bears game were hard to watch last night Weight Watchers may have given Snack Club a theme […]

  • Episode 48: Tracing Garfield

    12/4 Show Notes: Dave LOVES the ECHL for Batman vs Penguins fights and now a Kalamazoo center doing the Super Trooper Meow bit during an intermission interview McBride is Captain […]

  • Episode 47: Missing Brains & Free Lobsters

    12/3 Show Notes: We reached the 250,000 plays milestone last night. Thank you! Now Bill Cosby is accused of bringing underage girls to the Playboy Mansion and assaulting one of […]

  • 250,000 Dave & Darren Podcast Plays

    I’ve never had a REAL job. Sure, I made money during high school and college making pizzas (Little Caesar’s) and working retail (remember Venture? Save With Style? Anyone?) but the […]