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  • 139: Cheetah Parenting

    There’s no crime in wanting the best for your kids. Unless “the best” is “the best view of a Cheetah Pit” and you drop them into the pit with the […]

  • 138: LIVE! At Co-OP Records In Moline

    Record Store Day is April 18th. Dave, Darren and Special Guest Kerry Tucker get you ready for it with a podcast from Co-Op Records in Moline.

  • 137: Time And Gravity Are Not Your Friends

    Nothing is as it seems. Aliens may not be little green men. Kurt Cobain may not be dead. Turkey may not be available for Thanksgiving this year. It’s madness.

  • 136: Michu And Klaatu

    Barry Manilow got married and much to Darren’s surprise, it was NOT to his jumpsuit. We also discuss women on the $20 bill and the perils of stolen Florida honey.

  • 135: KFC Starz And The Curse Of The Lifetime Buffet Pass

    Today’s podcast is dedicated to James Best who portrayed Rosco P. Coltrane on The Dukes Of Hazzard. It’s also dedicated to the orangutan actor who portrayed Clyde in those Clint […]

  • 134: Running Out Of Hot Dog Buns Is The Least Of Our Problems

    Wrigley Field was not a pleasant place to be on Sunday. Being the World’s Oldest Person is cool until it isn’t. Sometimes too much dynamite is used on whales and […]


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