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  • Episode 26: There Might Be Giants

    Show Notes: Last night was a good one for the Republicans and marijuana legalization. Recreational use will soon be legal in Alaska and Oregon. You can grow your own in […]

  • Episode 25: Baby Bumpers And 7-Up

    Show Notes: It’s Election Day! We can’t remember what Richard Hatch did that wasn’t Battlestar Galactica. (It was The Streets of San Francisco). Dave bought some DVDs from Amazon last […]

  • Are You Ready For Some Monday Night Requests?

      The Giants play the Colts tonight. If you wanna watch the game but tune down the commentary, join us tonight at 7:30 on Solid’s Facebook page for an all-request […]

  • Episode 24: Pumpkin Harassment And Bear Selfies

      Show Notes: Darren’s looking forward to Election Day tomorrow if only to hear Arcadia on Planet ALT. We’ve got a link on that send you to and […]

  • Come Fly With Us

    Can we put our flyer in your business or place of work? Help us spread the word of Nacho Radio in a very grassroots way. If it’s cool to put […]

  • Episode 23: Grave And Scarin’s Spooktacular

      Show Notes: It’s Grave And Scarin’s Spooktacular. Count Obvious will be sitting if for the whole show! A guy who claims he had top secret clearance says aliens are […]


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